Cover of book The Embroidered Sunset by Joan Aiken

The Embroidered Sunset

Total words: 37
Unique words: 632

Cover of book Perseguida pelo Passado by Melissa Nathan

Perseguida pelo Passado

Total words: 375
Unique words: 625

Cover of book Three Desperate Days by Hope Dahle Jordan

Three Desperate Days

Total words: 232
Unique words: 712

The Looters

Rating: +7 (from 7 votes)

Cover of book The Looters by John Henry Reese

The Looters

Total words: 729
Unique words: 430

Cover of book The Killing Place(Rizzoli & Isles 8) by Tess Gerritsen

The Killing Place(Rizzoli & Isles 8)

Total words: 948
Unique words: 399

Cover of book Painted Black(Street Stories 1) by Debra R. Borys

Painted Black(Street Stories 1)

Total words: 637
Unique words: 149

Cover of book unForgivable(inCapable World 2) by Sara Hubbard

unForgivable(inCapable World 2)

Total words: 52
Unique words: 758